Technical Specifications

VisionAI Observ is deployed on a Kubernetes architecture, supporting edge compute and cloud solutions. After establishing a connection to cameras via a browser, AI detection tasks can be initiated.


  • Must have an RTSP streaming physical IP address, with TCP/UDP transport protocols.

  • Requires a minimum internet upload speed of 10Mbps to maintain clear and smooth real-time video transmission.

  • Supports 480p or 720p, 10 fps live video streaming. It is recommended to use 480p or 720p for stable image sources, as too large or too small sizes can affect streaming speed and AI judgment effectiveness.


  • Requires the latest version of the Chrome browser.

  • 400MB of available disk space.

  • A screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher for a better viewing experience.

  • Playing videos requires an internet connection. When streaming a single camera in real-time, maintain a minimum of 10Mbps (download speed) for smooth camera image playback.

Hardware Equipment:Different detection scenarios and the number of cameras will require different setup specifications, which can be adjusted according to needs.

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