AI Detection Range (ROI)

VisionAI Observ provides the ability to set the AI detection range (Region of Interest, ROI), allowing AI to focus on the desired detection areas in various situations and camera angles.

Quick Start

Learn how to set Regions of Interest (ROIs). Click on the video below for a quick overview:

Setting AI Detection Range (ROI)

In task settings, the black areas around the live stream image represent non-detection zones for AI, filtering out unnecessary signals from the camera view.

After selecting a task under 'Task', you will be directed to the task page. Click 'System Setting' in the top right corner to adjust settings for the task.

To adjust the AI detection range (ROI), select 'Edit ROI' in 'Camera View'. A yellow dashed area will appear. Drag the points around to adjust to the desired range. Finally, click 'Close Edit ROI' to exit the ROI range editing mode. The system will then apply the new range as the AI detection area.

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