Logic Gate: NOT

This logic represents the inverse of a given event, meaning if the original event is false, then this event is considered true, and vice versa.

Logic Gate: NOT

Input: Boolean (True/False)

Output Type: Boolean (True/False)

Setting up Logic Gate: NOT

After dragging the Area Card onto the canvas, click on settings " ⋮ " for detailed instructions.

The Logic Gate: NOT serves as a modifier for the judgment of a single event, reversing the outcome of the event it is applied to.

In other words, if the original event is true, applying "NOT" will make the event false, and vice versa.


The Logic Gate: NOT can only be used after an event judgment has been made and cannot follow directly after an Object.

For example: Event B (cat present) + Logic Gate: NOT = Event triggered when there are no cats present in the scene.

Application Example

Detect and trigger an event when there are no individuals wearing safety helmets in the scene.

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