Organizations and Users

VisionAI Observ assist you in managing platform users, securely adding new members, and making all operations clear and easy to understand.

User List

From the navigation list on the left, select 'User Management' to enter the user management page and view the list of users.

Click '+ User' to add a new user or use an invitation letter to invite relevant personnel.

Note: All generated invitation verification emails will expire and become invalid after three days.

Organization List

Switch to the organization management page on the left to view the list of organizations and their structure.

  • Click '+ Organization' to add an organization.

The organization relates to the range of data that each user can access. When creating tasks, you choose an organization, and once a task is associated with an organization, only levels above that organization have the right to read and modify.

Organizations facilitate secure segmentation of task data. You can apply it to your actual organizational structure to ensure that data from each independent organization does not interfere with others.

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