No Image Display Issues

If a task you've opened shows no images, consider the following troubleshooting steps to identify and fix potential issues.

Check Task Status

Task Status: The text on the screen will inform you of the current status of the task, which may include:

  • Paused: Detection is on hold, no images will display. Click "Resume" to restart detection.

  • Terminated: The task has stopped. AI detection will not continue, no images will display.

  • Scheduled: This is a timed task. It's not active yet. Images will display once the task starts as per the schedule.

  • Disconnected: There's a connection issue. Further checks are required.

Connection Issues

If you see a "Disconnected" status, your camera's connection needs checking. Go to "System Setting" in the task to verify:

  • RTSP Resource: This shows camera source resolution and FPS. Optimal settings are 720p at 10FPS. Higher settings use more resources without significantly improving detection.

  • Connection: Check this to see if the camera is properly connected. If it shows 'disconnected', there might be network issues.

  • Detection FPS: Indicates the speed of detection. This depends on the AI model and computational resources, and varies according to the scene.

System Resources

Check the "System Management" section if the issue isn't related to camera connectivity:

  • Status: Should be 'Available'. This confirms that the detection machine is connected to the host.

  • CPU / Memory / Disk: If resource usage is above 85%, performance might be impacted. Consider reducing the number of tasks or adjusting settings.

  • For server-type machines, use the 'Config' option to manage AI model operations. Check if the AI models are active and if the GPU memory is fully utilized.

For more detailed instructions, refer to our documentation:

pageSystem Settings

Need More Help?

If these steps don't solve the issue, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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