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Linker VisionAI Platform - Observ Smart Detection Platform User Guide

The Linker VisionAI - Observ Smart Detection Platform offers real-time monitoring analysis and event notification, integrated with DataVerse AI model training to enhance work efficiency across various fields.

Why VisionAI Observ?

  • Customizable AI Integration: Flexible AI model / Event parameters adjustments to suit various scenarios and requirements.

  • Event Analysis and Insights: Robust event analysis capabilities, providing in-depth insights that drive informed decision-making.

  • Comprehensive Data Handling: Effortless management from data collection to model training, enabling continuous learning with just a few clicks.

Quick Start

Learn how to use VisionAI - Observ in just ten minutes. Click on the following video for a quick overview:

Technical Specifications

The Linker VisionAI Observ Smart Detection Platform is deployed on a Kubernetes architecture, supporting edge compute and cloud solutions. After establishing a connection to cameras via a browser, AI detection tasks can be initiated.

pageTechnical Specifications

Basic Overview

The platform currently features AI detection streaming with event logging and statistics. Flexible settings allow customization of task scenarios to suit your needs.

  • AI Detection Scenarios: Customizable settings for detecting specific objects or anomalies.

  • Event Management: Adjustable thresholds and parameters to tailor event detection.

  • Advanced Analytics: Statistical tools for understanding trends and event frequency.

  • Data Collection and Management: Automated data capture for AI training and future analytics.

Hint : Different versions offer various AI detection scenarios and distinct default parameter settings.

pageCreating Your First TaskpageDetection TaskspageEvent RecordspageEvent Statistical Analysis

AI Detection Scenarios and Events

The platform currently offers a variety of AI detection scenarios: electronic fencing, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), flame and smoke detection, corrosion damage, passage foreign object detection, pedestrian and vehicle counting, illegal parking, unauthorized route usage, and more...

Hint: Different versions offer various AI detection scenarios and distinct default parameter settings.

pageVirtual FencingpageSmoke and Fire DetectionpagePPE CompliancepagePathway Blockage DetectionpageCorrosion Damage DetectionpagePedestrian and Vehicle Counting

Enhance Your AI Capabilities with DataVerse Integration

On our platform, we encourage users to leverage DataVerse for efficient data organization and deep learning model training. DataVerse is a powerful data management platform that assists you in organizing, preserving, and sharing your research data. With this integration, you can flexibly perform the following:

  1. Data Organization: Use Dataverse to structure and categorize the voluminous image data collected from cameras.

  2. Model Training: Utilize the organized data for training deep learning models. With the robust computational resources of Dataverse, you can train more accurate and efficient models.

By connecting to Dataverse, you will manage your data more effectively and develop more advanced AI solutions, significantly enhancing your detection and analytical capabilities.

Learn more and begin your journey in data organization and model training:

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