Customer Counting

VisionAI Observ offers AI Customer Counting, monitoring the number of customers in the store at any given time.

Independent Event Description and Settings

When creating a task, select 'Customer Counting' for either person or vehicle, and choose from the following predefined events:

  1. Customer Overcapacity Alert:The number of customers simultaneously present in the store exceeds a predefined threshold.

  2. Customer Accumulated Entry Alert:The accumulated number of customers entering the store exceeds a predefined threshold.

After creating the task, the following settings need to be configured for the detection items mentioned above:

  • Set the event area: 'Customer Zone' boundaries (Refer to section: Event zone)

  • Setting Event Threshold: Set the quantity after which an event alert should be triggered.

  • Adjustable parameters for independent events: AI continuous detection duration, event trigger frame ratio, event trigger interval (Refer to section: Event parameters).

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