No Events Detected?

If you're finding that your tasks aren't triggering any events, follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve potential issues.

Checking Your Settings

If you see the task stream has a detection display and AI detection boxes but no events are being triggered, check the current task's detection settings to help diagnose the problem.


  • If you're experiencing no display, refer to: Troubleshooting Task Display Issues.

  • If there's a display but no detection boxes, refer to: Troubleshooting AI Model Detection Issues.

Event Detection Settings

Go to 'System Settings' of the task and ensure the event detection settings align with your expected detection event.

  • Detecting Duration: This setting determines the length of time the AI takes to confirm an event. For instance, if you expect a short detection duration (like a person quickly crossing an area), set the duration to a few seconds. Conversely, setting it too long could prevent the event from triggering.

  • Detecting Threshold: This setting decides the percentage of frames within the AI detection time that must meet the event logic to trigger an event.

    • For example, if the AI detection time is 10 seconds and you set the threshold at 90%, it means 90% of the frames within these ten seconds must match the event logic.

    • How to Adjust the Settings:

      • If you set a high threshold, like 100%, it demands higher accuracy from AI detection. Any discrepancy in a short duration could prevent event triggering.

      • A lower threshold, like 10%, makes event detection more sensitive, triggering events even with minor misinterpretations in frames.

Based on this, if you're not detecting any events, try setting the Detecting Duration to 1 second and the Detecting Threshold to 1%. This setup should trigger events quickly (though it may also lead to unexpected false alarms).

Adjust these parameters to tailor event detection to your preferences, whether to minimize false positives or ensure no missed detections.

For more details, please refer to:

pageEvent Parameters

Need More Help?

If these steps don't solve the issue, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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