Collecting AI Data

The VisionAI Observ system can automatically collect AI data. It captures images from your daily task cameras, preparing for future AI model training.

Quick Start

Learn how to automatically save images based on AI object threshold values, preserving valuable resources for future training.

Click on the video below for a quick overview:

Letting the System Automatically Collect Camera Images

The system automatically collects images from the camera stream, providing data needed for future AI training.

After entering the task page, click 'System Settings' to enter the system settings window. Under the 'Image Collection' tab, view the current conditions for collecting images, including:

  • Confidence Condition 'Confidence Threshold': Set this field to automatically save images when the AI-detected object's confidence score falls within this range. The system can set the storage range for different object categories.

  • Set Interval Time 'Snapshot Interval' to determine how long to wait before saving the next image. Storing images intensively can accumulate a large number of similar photos, which does not help in obtaining diverse data for AI training. It is recommended to save at least once every 5 minutes.

  • For cameras running 24/7, they may store a large number of similar images. Setting a maximum collection number 'Max Collection' can reduce the similarity of pictures captured from the same camera task.

  • Add tags to your images. In 'Image Tag', add one or more tags to help you quickly find them when searching for AI training data images in the future.

Click 'Save' to apply the new settings.

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