Logic Gate: Overlap

Checking if Any Target Object Exists on the Main Object

Overlap involves two types of objects: the Primary Object and the Target Object:

  • The Primary Object can be defined as the central object of interest in the detection process, serving as a basis for comparison with other objects.

  • The Target Object refers to the object being observed and assessed, which may overlap or interact with the Primary Object.

Logic Gate: Overlap

Input: Primary Object, Target Object

Output Type: Boolean (True/False)

Setting up Logic Gate: Overlap

After dragging the Area Card onto the canvas, click on settings " ⋮ " to configure:

  • Trigger Logic (choose one of two): Trigger when the Primary Object does/does not have the Target Object on it.

Currently, the system setting allows the Area Card to only become the Primary Object, so the input can be: "Area" + "Object" or "Object" + "Object".


When inputting into the Logic Gate: Overlap, pay special attention to which one is the Primary Object and which is the Target Object, as it relates to the logic used.

For example: Detecting whether there is a helmet (Target Object) on top of a person (Primary Object).

Application Example

Detect when a person enters a specified area to trigger an event.

Trigger an event when a person without a safety helmet is detected.

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