Event Records

VisionAI Observ provides screenshots and recordings of AI-detected events, allowing you to browse records anytime and ensure no event is missed.

Quick Start

View detailed information about events. Click on the video below for a quick overview:

Viewing Tasks

After selecting a task under 'Task', you enter the task page where you can view the task's event records, as well as statistics on the number of occurrences of different events detected by AI.

  • In the top right corner, click 'Delete' to permanently delete the task and its records.

  • Click 'Terminate' to end the task, which stops all ongoing processes. Task records can be found in the task list.

  • Click 'Pause' to suspend or 'Resume' task detection.

  • Click 'System' to adjust settings for the task.

The event list below shows information about events: time, location, camera, notified person, and the final judgment result.

You can switch between the original event image or the detection result in the top right corner.

  • Click 'Edit' to make changes to an event.

  • For detailed information, click 'Detail' to view the specifics of the event, including object size (pixels), confidence level, and the judgment history for this event.

  • Under the 'Status' dropdown menu for event judgment, you can report the event as correct or a false alarm. The system will record this for future reference. The current default is TBC, which can be changed to Confirmed or False Alarm.

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