Event Zones (Edit Zone)

VisionAI Observ offers the ability to set restricted zones, allowing for customization of expected event areas in various situations and camera angles.

Quick Start

Learn how to set up event zones.

Click on the video below for a quick overview:

Setting Event Zones

(e.g., Forbidden Zones, Construction Zones, Counting Areas)

In special scenarios (such as electronic fencing, construction operations, counting), events are triggered based on the area. In such cases, you can set zones in the task page (if not adjusted, the system will use default settings).

  • After selecting a task under 'Task', you will be directed to the task page. Click 'System Setting' in the top right corner to adjust settings for the task.

  • To set up or adjust restricted zones, click 'Edit Zone' in the top right corner of the video. Depending on the scenario, you can choose the area to adjust, such as Forbidden Zone, Construction Zone, or Counting Area.

  • Click on the screen to add points for a polygonal restricted area. Double-click to finish editing the polygon. Click the red 'X' to delete the polygon.

  • In the event zone editing mode, you can add one or more polygonal restricted areas. When editing is complete, click 'Close Zone Editor' to exit the restricted zone editing mode. The system will then reset the AI detection event's restricted area.

Upon completion, in the task page, the real-time streaming image will have a yellow border indicating the restricted area.

Hint: Different events have different zone settings, depending on the AI detection scenario of the task.

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