Logic Gate: Counting

Count logic handles numerical information, providing options for cumulative and real-time counting. It outputs a number for assessment and triggers events in conjunction with other components.

Logic Gate: Counting

Input: Object, Zone (Area)

Output Type: Number

Setting up Logic Gate: Counting

After dragging the Area Card onto the canvas, click on settings " ⋮ " to configure:

  • Counting Choice (choose one of two): Real-time / Cumulative Count

    • Real-time Count: Real-time counting focuses on counting objects or events at the moment, providing an immediate numerical value.

    • Cumulative Count: Cumulative counting involves counting objects or events over a specific period, summing the results, and outputting a cumulative number.

The numerical output of counting logic can be combined with a Numeric Trigger to assess whether specified conditions are met and to trigger events accordingly.


Cumulative counting can only accept a single area.

Cumulative count increases by one only when an object moves from outside to inside the designated area.

Application Example

How many people are gathering right now? Detect when a group of people congregates, exceeding a set threshold to trigger an event.

Calculate the total number of people in a specified area over a period, triggering an event when it exceeds a set threshold.

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