(Event Component) Area Card

The (Event Component) Area Card allows users to define the necessary areas and names for an event.

Area Card Attributes

Input: None

Output Type: Zone (Area)

Setting up the Area Card

After dragging the Area Card onto the canvas, click on the settings " ⋮ " to set up the content:

  • New / Existing Zone: Choose an existing area or create a new one, and name it + set a color.

  • Zone Name: Name of the area.

  • Polygon Configuration: Set this area as a single zone or multiple zones.

Note that for some events (e.g., cumulative counting), only a single area can be selected.

We can use the Area Card to allow users to delineate an event trigger area on the screen, making event detection more precise.

You can also use an existing area, allowing multiple events to share a specified trigger area.

For practical application examples in tasks, refer to:

pageEvent Zones (Edit Zone)

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