Corrosion Damage Detection

VisionAI Observ offers AI Corrosion Damage Detection, triggering an event when detects signs of rust or corrosion damage on metal surfaces, indicating potential structural issues.

Independent Event Description and Settings

When creating a task, select 'Corrosion Damage Detection' for either person or vehicle, and choose from the following predefined events:

  1. Corrosion Detected:The system has detected signs of corrosion in the inspection zone.

  2. Damage Detected:The system has detected signs of damage in the inspection zone.

After creating the task, the following settings need to be configured for the detection items mentioned above:

  • Set the event area: 'Inspection Zone' boundaries (Refer to section: Event zone)

  • Adjustable parameters for independent events: AI continuous detection duration, event trigger frame ratio, event trigger interval (Refer to section: Event parameters).

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