Event Parameters

VisionAI Observ offers the ability to adjust AI detection event parameters, providing flexibility in setting conditions for various event triggers without being restricted by predefined settings.

Quick Start

Learn how to adjust detection parameters to fine-tune your results.

Click on the video below for a quick overview:

Setting Conditions and Parameters for Event Triggers

After entering the task page, click 'System Settings' to enter the system settings window.

Under the 'Event' tab, view all detected events and their trigger condition parameters for the current task. The parameters set for event triggers relate to the conditions for triggering events within each task. When an event is triggered, it will be displayed in the event records on the task page.

Switch between events on the left to set and view the trigger conditions on the right. The following describes the basic parameters for event triggers:

  • AI Continuous Detection Duration 'Detection duration': To stabilize AI event detection, a duration is provided for AI to continuously confirm an event. The shorter the time setting, the fewer frames AI analyzes, making the event trigger conditions more sensitive.

  • Event Trigger Frame Ratio 'Detection threshold': This parameter represents the percentage of frames within the AI continuous detection duration that must meet the conditions to trigger an event.

Hint: The lower the trigger ratio, the more sensitive the event trigger conditions.

  • Event Trigger Interval 'Event interval': This parameter specifies the time interval between one event trigger and the next. The trigger condition is based on 'looking back N seconds' (N seconds is the value entered for AI continuous detection duration).

Hint: The shorter the event trigger interval setting, the more frequent the system detects events. If event triggers are frequent, it may lead to intensive event record creation or frequent notifications to users.

Example Explanation of Trigger Timing

If this event continues to occur, and you set the AI continuous detection duration to 10 seconds, the event trigger frame ratio to 50%, and the event trigger interval to 60 seconds, the following describes the system's event triggering situation:

Click 'Save' to apply the new settings.

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