Slow or Laggy Live Stream

If you encounter slow or stuttering live stream in your tasks, follow these steps to identify and resolve potential issues.

Initial Assessment

First, check the Live View Status to see your browser's connection quality and speed to the server.

Web RTC Status

The system first establishes a Web RTC connection before beginning the live stream. The statuses are as follows:

  • Web RTC Adding: Preparing to connect, connection not yet established.

  • Web RTC Connecting: System is attempting to establish a connection.

  • Web RTC Disconnected: Temporary interruption in connection.

  • Web RTC Failed: Connection attempts failed, possibly due to network issues.

  • Web RTC Closed: Connection has been definitively closed, no further attempts to reconnect.

Live Streaming Status

Once a WebRTC connection is successful, live streaming can start, with these possible states:

  • Live Streaming Off: No active streaming or transmission, often due to camera connection issues or pipeline anomalies. Check your camera source.

  • Live Streaming Activating: Attempting to start the stream.

  • Live Streaming Error: Error occurred during streaming, possibly due to network issues or other unforeseen factors like camera connection disruptions.

Check Camera Source

If you experience slow connection, start by checking your camera's connection status in 'System Setting':

  1. RTSP resource: Displays detected camera source resolution and FPS. Recommended settings are 720p at 10FPS to maintain efficient performance.

  2. Connection: Indicates camera connection status. If it's disconnected, slow (orange line), or unstable (intermittent connectivity), check the camera's connection to the detection server.

  3. The current detection frames per second (FPS) can vary based on the AI model and computing resources used, as well as the specific scene being monitored. Instantaneous detection speed can range from 1 to 10 FPS.

Browser Connection Speed

If your camera's settings align with the recommended 720p at 10FPS and FPS is normal, check the network connection speed of your viewing device's browser.

The system uses WebRTC, which requires a stable connection for smooth streaming.

ResolutionMinimum Connection Speed

SD (Standard Definition) 480p

1.1 Mbps

If your network or router settings are restricting the use of WebRTC, thus preventing live stream viewing, you may need to contact your network personnel to enable the required connections. For more information, refer to the WebRTC documentation.

System Resources

Beyond camera connectivity, system resources or AI model operations can also affect task performance. Check the machine's status in 'System Management':

  • Status: Ensure the machine is 'Available' and properly connected to the host.

  • CPU / Memory / Disk: High resource usage (over 85%) can lead to instability. Adjusting the number of tasks a machine services can alleviate this issue.

  • For server-type machines, you can adjust the AI models in use by selecting 'Config'. This is also where you should check if the GPU Memory is fully utilized, which could affect performance.

For detailed guides, refer to:

pageSystem Settings

Need More Help?

If these steps don't solve the issue, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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