(Event Component) Object Card

The (Event Component) Object Card is determined based on the selected model repository and dictates what detection objects are available.

Object Card Attributes

Input: None

Output Type: Object

Setting up the Object Card

After dragging the Object Card onto the canvas, click on the settings " ⋮ " to specify the detection target (e.g., person, car, etc.)

  • Model Repository: The AI model repository for this object

  • Ontology Class: The detection target for this object (e.g., person, car, etc.)

  • Attribute: Attributes of the detection target (optional, e.g., color: red, etc.)

  • Trigger Area: Set the range for this detection object to trigger the event. The range is defined with the top-left corner of the object’s bounding box as the starting point (0,0) to set the object area. If the detection target is the bottom 10% of the object, according to the definition, it would be set as width 0%~100%, height 90%~100% (as shown in the figure below).

Tip: You can use the Trigger Area to design the triggering event, for example, you may want the event to be triggered only when the bottom 10% of a car enters the range.

This can avoid false alarms where the edge of a large object’s bbox also enters the triggering event range.

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