Sequence View

In "Data Visualization" - Sequence, when clicking on a sequence, an enlarged view will appear for inspection.

You can switch the sensor to represent the preview image.

The available operations on the right column include:

  • Sensor: displays the name of the current sensor, and can show or hide the content of that sensor.

  • Class: displays the current class contained in the point cloud or image, and can show or hide that object.

  • Annotation: displays ground truth annotations, as well as model prediction results. You can toggle visibility and use filters to inspect and compare the content.

  • Point Cloud Color Mode: can choose the color mode of PCD points, such as plain, distance-based, height-based, or intensity-based.

  • Cuboid Color Mode: displays items based on different conditions, such as class or annotation.

  • Dot Size: adjust the point size of the cloud to increase visibility.

  • Controller: displays screen operation methods, you can adjust the view with the mouse: scroll wheel zoom, left-click drag to rotate, right-click drag to move. In addition, you can also refer to the shortcut keys for adjusting the perspective or switching between different views.

The lower column displays data captured by other sensors in the same frame.

  • Hover over the frame camera to display the FOV, and click on the frame camera to rotate to the direction of this sensor.

  • Press play to play the sequence of frames.

You can switch to the previous/next sequence by clicking left or right.

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