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Data Annotation

Streamline your labeling workflow with Data Slice for your AI projects.
All data operations are based on the "Data Slice" as the basic unit.
Start your auto-labeling annotation task in Data Slice.

Data Annotation

Clicking "Annotation", a window will appear to confirm the task and fill in the details of the labeling requirements, then it will be directed to the labeling platform for labeling operations.
It will take some time to create the labeling task. When it's ready, the status will show "Labeling", and the labeling link of the Auto-Labeling will be displayed. Click the link to proceed with the labeling.
Once labeling is completed, click "Update Annotation" to update the data with the new labeling result.
For labeling operations and usage of the "Auto-Labeling Platform", please refer to the documentation or contact Linker for quality labeling services.
Note that once updated, the data will be overwritten with the new labeling.

Labeling Platform

Once the data slices have been prepared using the desired sampling technique, DataVerse provides an auto-labeling platform to streamline the annotation process.
Navigate to the labeling link on the data slice. (require access to the auto-labeling platform)
Once you are satisfied with the annotations, save and update the annotated data for further analysis, model training, or evaluation.
By utilizing the auto-labeling feature in DataVerse, you can significantly reduce the time and effort required for annotating data slices. This streamlined process helps you focus on model development and optimization, ensuring you have a high-quality dataset to work with.