Use Cases

use cases of custom data query

Case 1: Find a certain class in a dataset

Try to find the dataset “new2023“ objects containing "apple" or "banana".

dataset = 'new2023' AND = 'apple' OR = 'banana'

Case 2: Find no object data

Try to find the dataset “new2023“ with no objects.

dataset = 'new2023' AND class IS NULL

In our search syntax, the term 'null' is used to represent the absence or lack of a specified class object. For instance, when querying datasets or images, if you want to identify those that don't contain any objects of a specific class, you would use 'class IS NULL'.

In this case, it will return the dataset named 'new2023' that doesn't have any classified objects within it.

Case 3: Find small object size

Try to find the dataset “new2023“ annotation ”model-a” objects < 20 ^ 20 px

dataset = 'new2023' AND annotation = 'model-a' AND object_size.area < 40

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