Frame View

When selecting a Frame type on the "Data Visualization" page, an enlarged view will appear for viewing a single frame.

A "Frame" is a unit of data based on time. It could be an image from a single sensor camera or data composed of multiple sensors at the same time (for example: 2* images + 1* LiDAR).

It is possible to switch between sensors as representatives for preview images.

Available options are shown in the right-hand column:

  • Sensor: displays the name of the currently displayed sensor and allows for toggling the visibility of the sensor's content.

  • Class: displays the object classes present in the current point cloud, allowing for toggling the visibility of each class.

  • Annotation: shows the ground truth annotations and model predictions, and allows for filtering the content.

  • Point Cloud Color Mode: allows for selecting the color of PCD points, such as plain, distance-based, height-based, or intensity-based.

  • Cuboid Color Mode: displays items according to different conditions, such as by class or annotation.

  • Dot Size: adjusts the point size of the cloud image to increase visibility.

  • Controller: displays how to operate the screen, including zooming with the mouse wheel, rotating with the left mouse button, and moving with the right mouse button. Additionally, it is possible to use hotkeys to adjust the angle or switch between different angles.

The bottom panel displays data captured by other sensors in the same frame.

  • Hovering over a frame camera displays the FOV, and clicking on it will rotate the view toward that sensor's direction.

Pressing the left or right buttons switches to the previous or next frame.

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