Point Cloud

When clicking on a Point Cloud file in "Data Visualization," a zoomed-in view will appear for single-file inspection.

On the right-hand side, available operations are displayed:

  • Sensor: displays the current view sensor name.

  • Class: displays the class contained in the current point cloud file. You can toggle the class display to show or hide objects.

  • Annotation: displays ground truth labeling and model prediction results, which can be toggled to compare and filter the contents.

  • Point Cloud Color Mode: can choose to display PCD points in different colors, such as plain, by distance, height, or intensity.

  • Cuboid Color Mode: displays items based on different conditions, such as class or annotation.

  • Dot Size: adjusts the point size of the point cloud to increase visibility.

  • Controller: displays screen operation methods, including using the mouse to adjust the view: scrolling to zoom in and out, left-clicking to rotate, and right-clicking to move. You can also refer to the shortcut keys for adjusting the view or switching between various perspectives at any time.

You can switch to the next PCD file by clicking left or right.

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