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Data Metrics

Empower your insights with data-driven chart analysis
In "Data Visualization," regardless of whether you click on the label for Image or Point Cloud, there are Metrics charts that present relevant content.

Quick Start

Click on the video below for a quick overview:
The filter field on the left affects the chart results, so you can observe the data analysis chart under different filter conditions and select the appropriate data as a Data Slice.
Switch to Metrics in Data Visualization. It generates charts based on your current filter conditions.

Class /Attribute Distribution Chart

Target on object class & attribute object count distribution chart.
  • object count: the object counts by every single object
  • object Identity count: the object count by identity object with different UUID.
Hint: To make the charts more representative, the system has pre-filtered the top 20 Class types. You can change the Class you wish to preview by turning this filter off. Additionally, you can increase the default sampling amount, but be aware that with a larger volume of data, this may require a longer waiting time for the charts to be displayed.

IQA Image Quality Assessment Distribution Chart

Target on object metadata distribution chart.
Find more information on IQA generation:

Object Size Plot & Distribution Chart

Target on the 2d objects information plot/distribution charts.
Target on the 3d objects information plot/distribution charts.

3D Object Distance / Points Plot & Distribution Chart

Target on the 3d LiDAR cuboid distance / points information distribution charts.

Tag Distribution Chart

Target on the tags information distribution charts.