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Data Visualization

Revolutionize your data management and selection with our intuitive and powerful data visualization tools
The Data Visualization displays the content of data, allowing you to quickly view the content and status of data and quickly understand the targets you want to obtain.

Quick Start

Click on the video below for a quick overview:
  • View and filter images and point cloud files by data, frame, or sequence level.
  • Provide different data filtering and preview modes: Dataset, Metadata, Class + Attribute, Size, Distance & Points, Annotation, and Tagging filtering.
  • Arrange the preview order by sorting
  • View data analysis charts
  • Save filtered data as data slices
Under the same project, you can combine various data slices to achieve the data content you want.
Use Data Visualization to explore your dataset and filter it down to create specific subsets, known as 'Data Slice'.

Class + Attribute Filtering

In the left column under Class, you can filter specific parameters of images through Class to help view the results of specific objects. When the data has Attribute properties, you can also view the results of specific attributes by checking them.

Metadata Filtering

In the left column under Metadata, you can filter specific parameters of images based on brightness, color, contrast, blur, and more to help with data cleaning. For how to use Metadata, please refer to the documentation.metadata-shai-xuan-gong-neng

Object Size Filtering

In the left column under Size, you can filter images based on object sizes such as length and width to help query specific sizes of targets.

Cuboid Filtering

Cuboid filtering allows for targeted search and analysis of specific objects based on size, distance, and the number of points.
  • Cuboid Height, Width, Length (m)
  • Cuboid Distance (m): the distance between the cuboid and the coordinate center (meter).
  • Cuboid PCD Points (p):the number of points included in a cuboid (points)

Annotation Filtering

Annotation filtering allows for sorting based on ground truth or model predictions with specific confidence scores.

Tags Filtering

Tag filtering enables user-defined taggings for images or point clouds.

Saving Data Slice

Under the same project specifications, you can choose multiple datasets to combine into the data slice you need.
Once successfully created, you can view the created data subset on the Data Slice page.