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Data Discovery (Beta)

Streamlines your image search process by allowing text typing, quickly find specific images from your dataset.
Discovering relevant images within your data is now as easy as typing a sentence.
Welcome to our Data Discovery tool, a cutting-edge feature powered by the multi-modal foundation model. Leveraging both visual and textual data, it translates your textual prompts into object detection within images, simplifying your search process like never before.
You can perform data discovery on the Data Visualization.

Quick Start

Make the most of your search by using specific keywords. They're like magic spells to unveil hidden treasures.
Click on the video below for a quick overview:
In Data Visualization, click "Data Discovery":
  1. 1.
    For processing a single image, use the "Single Image Try-On" to quickly experiment with the appropriate text prompt.
  2. 2.
    For processing bulk data, use "Batch". Once you've determined the suitable search text for a single run, you can proceed with bulk processing.
With this feature, you can search for objects not yet discovered in large datasets, such as finding images that might contain animals among tens of thousands of data entries.
Enhance Efficiency
No more manual image sorting or complicated search strings. Just type in what you're looking for, and our Data Discovery tool will do the rest.
Maximize Precision
Our multimodal models understand context, thus helping to retrieve highly relevant images based on your textual prompts.
Improve Workflow
Easily create data subsets based on discovered objects, enabling efficient and focused annotation, training, and model development.
Good to know: Data Discovery makes the most of your search by using specific keywords. They're like magic spells to unveil hidden treasures.
In an era where data is the most crucial asset, our Data Discovery tool revolutionizes the way you interact with your data. By bridging the gap between text and images, it introduces a new level of precision and convenience to your AI development workflow.
Let our Data Discovery tool guide you through your data exploration journey, saving time and accelerating innovation.